Intern Digital Twin development

RESPECTfarms is a European early-stage startup in the cellular agriculture industry with headquarters in the Netherlands. Our vision is to sustainably transform our food system by integrating the best out of the conventional and the cellular agriculture industry. Our goal is to build the first cultivated meat farm worldwide. 

In this project we work together with Priva. Priva is a leading technology and service provider for sustainable solutions for both buildings and horticulture.

The assignment

You will be part of the consortium team of the project: The Cultivated Meat Farm. You have access to the software and experience of Priva for the Digital Twin and the domain of food production and technology. You work directly with the scientists of RESPECTfarms for the cultivated meat domain knowledge.  

The role is minimum 3 months and separated into different stages where you will receive your own research project to work on independently. Among other tasks, the project will require process description, programming and running simulations. You will work with the cultivated meat scientists to translate the processes into a digital model. Activities: 

  • Structure the domain, objects, and relations (directed graph) 
  • Determine the criteria (minimization of cost of resources, circularity) 
  • Describe the domain processes in terms of functions (input, output, constraints, disturbances, measurements, etc). 
  • Develop & implement the functions (mathematical) & related settings. 
  • Design & engineer the Digital Twin, using data and equations provided by the scientists. 

Update and feedback meetings will happen on a regular basis for your questions, your self-development, and your support. You will be integrated into the whole research team and consortium to exchange knowledge and progress with our researchers and research partners. You will have the opportunity to work on an exciting project and help to solve a world problem.  You will be able to work with an ambitious startup research team, use the experience of Priva and work with real-time data. 


You are responsible for your own time and project management. Your working hours are flexible, you decide where and when to work. 

  • Keep track of your project management and deliver (e.g., reports) on time (regular update meetings) 
  • Working independently and taking initiative 
  • Reaching out to key experts in the companies in the consortium 


  • Process description of the steps taken 
  • Working Digital Model of the Cultivated Meat farm  
  • Recommendation for next steps 

Required background and skills

  • Current MSc student in Systems & Control is a prerequisite.
  • Prior experience in Process Modelling and Simulation is required.
  • Prior experience in programming languages such as Python or similar is required.
  • Strong analytical skills are essential for analysing complex data and identifying patterns or trends relevant to the cultivated meat production process.
  • Effective communication and teamwork skills. The candidate should be able to clearly articulate ideas, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and actively participate in discussions to exchange knowledge and progress the project forward.
  • The candidate should demonstrate a proactive approach to work, taking initiative to identify areas for improvement, propose solutions, and drive the project forward independently when necessary.


  • Flexible working hours and location.
  • Opportunity to work on a groundbreaking project addressing global food sustainability challenges.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology and real-time data from Priva's expertise.
  • Collaboration with a dynamic and ambitious startup research team.
  • Professional development and growth within a supportive consortium environment.


Are you interested? Please use the form below, we only accept applications with a motivation and CV