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In the coming 5 years RESPECTfarms will build a farm that produces meat from cells. There are several steps we need to research and take before we can realize this:

1. Feasibility research: currently feasibility research for a Proof-of-Concept farm is conducted.

2. Farm design: in 2023 a full design will be made Proof-of-Concept farm.

3. Digital prototype: a digital version of the farm will be developed so all assumptions van be validated, and impact can be simulated.

4. Building the farm: In 2024 the farm will be (re)constructed.

5. Production: In 2025and 2026 production will be started an optimized

6. Scaling impact: if we have proof that we can produce meat, with low footprint and an earning model for a farmer, then we will copy the blueprint to other farms.


During the coming 5 years RESPECTfarms will manage the research, design, development, realisation, and optimization. This in line with the mission of the RESPECTFarms foundation: Contributing to the transition from animal food to cell and fermentation-based food production and to the creation of new appropriate ecosystem of which farmers and stakeholders are part.


Your sponsoring will be used to accelerate the project and realize the impact sooner.

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To become a full sponsor of feasibility research or full sponsor of the first cultivated meat farm, please contact and we will contact you to go through the possibilities.