RESPECTfarms unveils their secret sauce for cultivated meat


01-04-2024 - In a shocking turn of events, RESPECTfarms, one of the innovators in sustainable agriculture, has unveiled the long-guarded secret to tasty cultivated meat. In this article here you can read the full details.

For years, scientists and environmentalists alike have been eagerly awaiting this breakthrough, hoping it would revolutionize the way we enjoy meat and mitigate the environmental impact of animal agriculture. Today marks a monumental milestone in the history of food production. After years of research and development, we are proud to unveil our revolutionary method. 

Read full details here.

RESPECTfarms is an international foundation with activities in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland, founded by Ira van Eelen, Ralf Becks, Florentine Zieglowski and Ruud Zanders. RESPECTfarms' vision develops new business models for conventional agriculture, leveraging the promising technology of cellular agriculture. RESPECTfarms behaves as a system integrator of these technologies on the farm. The idea of decentralized cultivated meat production on farms stems from the results of the world's first consortium in the field of cellular agriculture, funded by the Dutch government. This research was led by Willem van Eelen, father of Ira van Eelen, a researcher whose work has earned him to be considered the godfather of cultivated meat. Meet the RESPECTfarms-team